In the context of creating a new Auto and 2 Wheels insurance offer firstly, then Home insurance secondly, Natixis wishes to overhaul the subscription tunnels for Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne distributors in order to harmonize them with the group branding. Following this first mission, we then tackle the Life Insurance part, in order to apply the new design system and add new functionalities.


Demand and objectives

This involves completely rethinking current routes in order to make them more fluid and faster. We must also apply the new design system to all flows.
Added to this is the problem of creating the course on the advisor side: these have their own issues and the course is part of another context (software package with strong technological constraints).


Intervention and results

As part of a team made up of UX/UI designers and alongside POs and developers, we first designed the Auto and 2 Wheel courses. The project was a great success with the Natixis teams who called on us again to design the Habitation flow.